Covid-2019COVID-19 Situation
2020 has brought with it a serious challenge in the form of the COVID-19 virus. Comf is committed to supporting as best we can our clients, as well as providing a safe working environment for our valuable staff.

Continuing from our last advice to clients, please contact your Comf sales representative to ascertain any revised or improved delivery schedules. New orders continue to have an increased lead time from our customary standard performance, so please do continue to pay careful attention to order confirmations and dates.

Comf is the premier manufacturer of battery holders , battery snaps and accessories; producing standardised and customised holders for over 40 years. Each of Comf’s battery holders and snaps is covered by one or more patent covering structure, riveting, crimping or polarity protection.

Ask your Comf sales representaive for agent as to how Comf design and product features can add to your manufacturing processes and product quality.